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Web solutions for businesses

Global solution,

Sowedi manages all your business, even beyond your walls.

in real time,

Sowedi captures your activity without delay, you have a precise visibility at all times.


A team with values and a sense of professionalism.

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SOWEDI provides


the base

Supply Chain+

  • Commercial entry
  • Order preparation
  • Delivery order
  • Invoicing
  • ...


  • Stock tracking
  • Replenishment orders
  • Invoices of purchases
  • Buying-in price variations
  • ...
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Your web service

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Your customers order online, receive their delivery notes, manage their invoices and collect their stock journal inventory...

Your business in real time

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Whether it's a customer on their mobile, a sales rep on tour, or sales administration on your premises, you can control your business in real time!

This opens up possibilities previously unimaginable.

Your external connections

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Whether for banks, customs, suppliers or key accounts, your natively interconnected information system makes your exchanges with external systems more reliable.

This way, you avoid having to call on the services of multiple people.

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And many other features !
Sowedi adapts to your structure.

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